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Our Clients

Your book scanning services were excellent. Didn't expected quality work in such a short time. Pages are very well scanned easy to retrieve.

- Arnold William

Extremely impressed with the scanning services. Output shows your dedication towards work. Keep up the good work.

- Thomason Willa

Never seen such accuracy in indexing services. Will surely recommend you to more potential scanning and indexing clients.

- Austin John

Your first draft of document scanning is brilliant. You have our permission to go ahead and keep up with the outstanding work.

- George Paul

Again, thank you so much for the great work. I am very satisfied. Thanks again.

- Richard James

Thanks for such efficient work in a very limited time. Will contact you with more scanning projects soon.

- Henry George

Thank you so much for providing outstanding indexing services. Documents are well formatted and easy to retrieve.

- Samuel Allan

Try our inputs in our scanning services were highly beneficial. Will surely contact with you with more projects.

- Ross Jean

Medical Record Scanning Services

With the increase in scope of healthcare activities medical record scanning services are booming incredibly. Clients expect a bigger challenge in handling these scanning services as they are quite complex in approach and they are quite tedious too. The services deal with all the necessary information regarding patient’s disease, its prescriptions, treatments and other billing procedures.

As they are important information of a patient the records need to be tend properly. If they are damaged or torn then these medical record scanning services helps to derive the original form of information easily and in an effective way.

Process of Medical Record Scanning:

  • It’s important to get an idea of how many total Patient Charts will have to scan
  • Record all the total Volume of pages to be scanned, the amount of preparation required, and the number of index fields requested.
  • E-folder is created for each patient
  • Our team will carefully inventory the information and provide a detailed tracking manifest
  • Will remove all staples and fasteners, and carefully sort out the different sections of a Patient Chart
  • We review every image to ensure readability and quality
  • Index the files based on Date of Birth, First and Last Name, and any other information
  • Data will be delivered to your EMR or EHR System efficiently

The services from Scanning indexing are easily customized and the professionals at our firm try to deliver the best of medical records scanning process within a fastest turnaround time. Clinics are confronted with the reality that scanning all of the patient chart information is often a bigger challenge; it needs experience and expertise to simplify this process. Thus our firm gives an advantage to our clients who outsource their tasks to us and in return provide all their requirements efficiently.

Every project is quoted on a case-by-case basis and it also allows the client to realize their original intention of freeing up physical space and time. We organize the paper turned chart so that the structure remains the same and physicians can use the time saved to see more patients and enhance their expertise and business. It also saves expenses of our clients of sending documents across to various departments and specialists.

Contact us to know more about our Medical Record Scanning Services.