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Our Clients

Your book scanning services were excellent. Didn't expected quality work in such a short time. Pages are very well scanned easy to retrieve.

- Arnold William

Extremely impressed with the scanning services. Output shows your dedication towards work. Keep up the good work.

- Thomason Willa

Never seen such accuracy in indexing services. Will surely recommend you to more potential scanning and indexing clients.

- Austin John

Your first draft of document scanning is brilliant. You have our permission to go ahead and keep up with the outstanding work.

- George Paul

Again, thank you so much for the great work. I am very satisfied. Thanks again.

- Richard James

Thanks for such efficient work in a very limited time. Will contact you with more scanning projects soon.

- Henry George

Thank you so much for providing outstanding indexing services. Documents are well formatted and easy to retrieve.

- Samuel Allan

Try our inputs in our scanning services were highly beneficial. Will surely contact with you with more projects.

- Ross Jean

Aperture Card Scanning Services

Aperture cards have been basically used to store technical information of many business firms which includes blueprints and engineering drawings. It is a good method to protect and preserve this valuable data, and also easy to access for viewing, sharing and printing.

Scanning indexing is an experienced firm who is able to convert any type of aperture card archives into digital files. Utilizing the highest quality scanners we are able to produce scans that are as good as or better than your original images. We have an extremely specialized ability to index scanned documents by matching index data with external databases. Our professionals undergo all the scans with multiple levels of quality assurance to provide reliable and accurate services. To run these systems efficiently we provide timely turn-around if necessary.

Benefits of implementing Aperture card scanning services in one's system:

Aperture Card Scanning Services
  • Key data elements can be automatically indexed, increasing the overall value and usefulness of the information
  • Physical storage space requirements can also be greatly reduced
  • Get visual indexing of non-punched cards
  • Eliminates card readers
  • Lessens time consuming on scanning process
  • Easily accessed by multiple users
  • Convert the cards in to PDF formats
  • Get highest quality services
  • Images can be printed, faxed, or e-mailed directly
  • Saves space
  • Follow all security standards
  • Compliant with data protection requirements
  • Perform extensive quality checks on all apertures
  • De-speckle to remove unnecessary noise caused by dirt and dust
  • Involves cropping to ensure that only the image is scanned
  • Enables you to access information immediately
  • Give you the benefit of having your data returned in formats such as PDF, and TIFF
  • Eliminates time consuming retrieval tasks
As we are proficient in this field the state-of-the-art equipment allows us to handle large volume scanning jobs in short time frames. The Aperture card scanning services has to adhere to stringent quality assurance and security standards. This system gives our clients a compatible approach while dealing the services. Thus our customized and flexible services eliminate the manual and time-consuming processes associated with retrieving aperture cards.

Contact us to learn more about our Aperture Card Scanning Service.